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Pulsed Power


High power switching - IGBTs

IGBTs are used to switch large amounts of power very quickly. They are capable of switching kiloamps of current in microseconds, giving a dI/dt (rate of change of current) of 10^9. One very important consideration of such circuits is the need to limit stray inductance, which can cause large induced voltages assuming approximately 4nH per mm for a copper cable can result in voltages of 4V per mm.

Additionally care needs to be taken with turn on and turn off times. Ideally to reduce power dumped into the IGBT junction and keep the IGBT operating safely, the IGBT would switch as fast as possible, but this leads to larger induced voltages and a greater chance of exceeding the voltage rating of the component and can lead to damage.

All of this means that great care needs to be taken when operating IGBTs to prevent damaging these typically expensive and long lead time components. We provide the expertise to help you design and implement your circuit resulting in a safer system.


Supercapacitors are very useful for pulsed power applications. They provide large amounts of energy storage and can come in units such as 1/2 MJ. With sufficient units many kilowatts or megawatts of power can be supplied. They can absorb and release power very quickly for a multitude of pulsed power applications. We have much experience with supercapacitors and can meet your pulsed power needs.

Waveform control

Waveform control and power conditioning in high power systems is a very useful feature. In vehicles it varies the power delivered to the motors and in magnetic devices it varies the magnetic field. A combination of IGBTs and Supercapacitors allows for superior high power control on short time scales. The image below demonstrates a real-time adapative system that can respond to the requirements of the load.

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