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3-Axis Magnetic Hall Sensor

A 3-Axis sensor is more useful than a single axis, since an accurate measurement of the strength of the magnetic field can be obtained regardless of the orientation of the Hall sensor to the magnetic field. 3-Axis sensors give a full vector of the magnetic field, showing both orientation and magnitude. The sensor is small in size (4cm x 4cm x 2cm) and can be applied to a wide range of environments. The video below shows the real-time output of the sensor, blue indicates the north pole and red the south pole. As the magnet approaches the sensor, the size of the vector increases, demonstrating an increase in the detected magnetic field strength.

Ideal for measuring wire currents or other high strength magnetic field devices. Since Hall Effect Sensors work at DC, they are better than Rogowski coils for slow changing currents, such us provided by long pulse duration power supplies.


3 Axis Hall Sensor Standard Configuration (4m CAT-7 Cable)
Frequency Response DC to 20 kHz
Supply Voltage 5V
Signal Voltage 0-5V
Max Field +/-0.2T (+/-2000 Gauss)
Mounting Cable tie or Screws
Dimension 4cm x 4cm x 2cm
Delivery 1 week

Cost $265 each

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Bespoke Sensor Design means that you can have your sensor customised your your power supply and output voltage requirements. We can design your sensor case and assembly to turn your design into a working sensor.

We recommend that your sensor uses shielded CAT7 cable for superior signal integrity. However you can choose any cable that you need. We provide installation and calibration services as required.

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